Walk the Line

February 10, 2009

It’s miraculously warm and the snow is melting. I guess spring is here, though February isn’t even half over yet. There’s one problem already though, with this nice upswing in temperature. Two actually, if you count the hidden dog turd presents unveiling themselves on the sidewalk as the snow melts away. I was walking to my class tonight at around 5:30, and there was an abundance of weirdos. I know you shouldn’t judge people on appearances, but I mean, come on, some people just scream “STAY AWAY FROM ME”. Some of them literally.

Anyway, one consistent feature I seemed to get from all of these people is the fact that none of them could walk in a straight line. Walking back from class I met a guy who was literally zig zagging back and forth towards me on the sidewalk like one of those aliens from Galaga. Seriously, is everyone loaded after lunchtime around here? There was also this guy in front of the Shwarma place screaming about how much he hated Toronto. I should have given him directions to City Hall.

Anyway, I guess this is the place where I return the advertising favour of my trusty co-host Colin and plug his blog, which is http://theryersonmansion.wordpress.com/ . It’s often my source of recollections of events I’ve witnessed already, but still seem funnier in blog form.

Until next time, stay away from the guys that sway.


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