Two vs. Four: The Eternal Struggle

March 25, 2009

So over the last two weeks, I’ve seen some pretty crazy stuff involving cyclists, and cars. Most recently, I saw a guy on a bike cut some guy off while he was trying to turn his car down the street, the car almost grazing him. Now, the guy on the bike decided that he wasn’t going to just let this slide, so he decides to stop his bike in front of the car, and gesture like a madman at the driver, spouting dozens of words that end in “er” that I really can’t repeat here.

I get it, he was upset. But really, what was he going to accomplish? At best, MAYBE, the driver will say, “God, he’s right, I really am an asshole! Well, time to get to work.” When someone cuts you off in traffic, you flip them off, and keep driving.

Nothing compares, however to the legitimate confrontation I saw about a week ago, when I was walking down University. I was just walking to wherever, when this bus pulls over next to me, and the driver gets out. Nothing out of the ordinary. All of a sudden, a bike goes flying past me, and suddenly a guy runs over to this bus driver, screaming at the top of his lungs. The driver, already out of the safety of his bus, was also kind of unhappy, demanding to know why the biker “hit his bus”. The biker remained adamant in finding out “what the fuck” was the bus driver’s problem. Then it hit another level, as the bus driver shoved the cyclist guy, and I thought I was going to see a fight right there on the sidewalk.

Now another problem occured to me. Where was the appropriate distance to watch this from? I didn’t want to stand to close, because I might get swept up in it. If I’m too far away, I won’t get to see the gory details. Decisions decisions. I eventually realized they weren’t going to do it, and were all talk and no bite. It’s a shame, because the cyclist was exhibiting high levels of crazy, from his extremely dirty long hair and a really weird looking hat.

So what’s the point to all of this? What I really want to say is that sorry cyclists, you lose. At the end of the day, when it’s your little 18 speed up against a tour bus, you’re coming out on the losing end no matter how intimdating you look standing in front of it. It’s horsepower vs. manpower, and sorry to say that even if you’re in the right, that driver doesn’t give a shit. You just look like a looney on a bike, swearing in traffic.

So just put it behind you, and pedal on. Going nutso and screaming profanities in front of a car at an intersection won’t help your case. I mean, I’ve started to think that bike riding either increases the size of your balls, or decreases the sanity part of your brain. To be fair, you really would have to be crazy to ride a bike around the drivers down here.


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