Reqiuem for a Lost Show

July 27, 2009

I sincerely believe that at every TV channel, someone is employed to follow my viewing habits, and try to kill everything I love. I know this sounds very arrogant, to assume someone would put so much effort in crushing the little enjoyment I get out television, but at times, I often wonder if it isn’t true. Below are a few of my favourite shows, which met an untimely demise that left me depressed.

Arrested Development

Obviously, this would probably be on anyone’s list. The only solace I take in this execution is that at least the show had an ending of sorts, and kind of wrapped itself up. The series went from 22 episodes the first season, to 18 in the second, to a depressing 13 in the final run. I won’t take the “people just didn’t get it route” on this one, because it would probably make me sound like a jackass. The fact that FOX was kissing show creator Mitch Hurwitz’s ass when his new show “Sit Down Shut Up” was coming out lets you know that even they realized in retrospect it had a great show that they decided to can. They even had little vingettes apologizing to AD fans that they had cancelled the show years before. Now, they seem to be on the verge (if not already) cancelled Sit Down Shut Up, which was not extremely amazing, but still had some pretty funny moments.

For me Arrested Development is probably one of the greatest sitcoms ever made. It had an amazing sense of timing, and such depth in its comedy that you can literally watch it over and over again and still be rewarded with new jokes, references, and other goodies. It got flak for having “unlikable” characters, but really, Seinfeld could be seen in the same light. The thing that makes me happy is at least it went out with a bang, squeezing as much funny into the last four episodes as they could.

Here’s David Cross wearing some fake boobs explaining why he thinks the show was killed.


Undergrads was limited to just 13 episodes, and was cancelled due to mixed reviews, and lack of an audience. Since then, show creator Pete Williams has tried many times to get the show back on the air, which while admirable, sometimes reeks of desperation. Eight years after the last episode aired, it doesn’t seem to be coming back any time soon.

The show centered around the lives of four friends, all impressively voiced by Williams (I have a thing for voice actors/acting). They were slightly stereotypical, college students going through life at their new schools, and trying to stay friends despite being in a different environment. The show had many funny moments, and after watching it having gone through my own university, I can say that there is plenty of stuff to relate to in the show. The thing I hated most about the show ending, was the fact that the last episode ends with a massive cliffhanger, which clearly showed they were expecting to do a second season. So they thought.

Here’s Cal, being Cal.

Clone High

This is it. The one show that I wish beyond any others did not end the way it did. Another 13 episode show from MTV (much like Undergrads) which followed the lives of clones, made from famous people throughout history. Seriously, that point alone has almost unlimited possibilities for characters, storylines, etc. Add to that an amazing diabolical principal and his robot sidekick, and you’ve got a recipe for hilarity.

There was some controversy over the depiction of Gandhi as disrespectful, even leading some India residents to fast in order to protest the show. This is most likely not the reason it was cancelled, but it remains a rumour as to why it was. What sucks the most is probably the fact that the last 5 episodes never aired in the U.S, meaning they missed out on some of the best episodes of the series. Perhaps it was for the best, since they didn’t get their hearts broken by the cliffhanger finale that still depresses me to this day.

Why the show failed, I’ll never understand. The voice actors were a great combination of people from Saturday Night Live and Mad TV, and creators Phil Lord and Chris Miller had an amazing concept going. It was also co-produced/created by Bill Lawrence, the guy behind Spin City and Scrubs. It had plenty of celebrity guests, and an awesome soundtrack. It all seems like a guarantee for success, but unfortunately, I guess it never found it’s audience.

Scudworth in all his glory:

Wow this entry is ridiculously rambly and unfocused. All I’m really trying to say here is I hate MTV, and I care way too much about certain television shows. And I get overly sensitive about them. Got any shows you miss, and were axed before their time? Let me know in the comments. I’ll be back soon with some actual funny, so stay tuned.

– D


4 Responses to “Reqiuem for a Lost Show”

  1. Clement Says:

    Amen on Clone High. That show was so damn quotable too.

  2. darcymatt Says:

    Why the long face? Genetics?

  3. returnoftheb Says:

    How could you forget Sam and Max?!

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