Resolutions! (Or, How I Try To Improve My Life And Probably Fail At It)

December 29, 2009

Howdy all! Now that Christmas is behind us, we are entering a new year very soon. Like many others, I will attempt to make some resolutions for the new year in order to change the way I do things in my life. Like many others, I will probably give up/fail at this. Therefore, I am sharing with all readers some of my resolutions, as maybe it will inspire you to make your own, or at least give me shit for not following through on mine. Plus I figured I would do more than one, therefore, I might at least be able to succeed at one of them and not feel like a total failure. Enjoy!

1. Be More Organized

You know when someone asks you if you studied for the upcoming test?  My usual response is “What test?”, and then I quickly try to figure out how many hours I have left to cram beforehand. Likewise with assignments. I doubt there hasn’t been an essay in the last couple months I’ve written that wasn’t finished about an hour before it was due. This is because I suffer from a horrible disease called PROCRASTINATION which makes normally boring things like staring at a wall seem much more appealing than doing school work. Therefore, I have decided to aim at becoming more organized. I will try to keep track of all due dates and what not, and actually work ahead of schedule, so I don’t end up going crazy when I have three papers due simultaneously.

2. Get More Exercise

No this isn’t one of those typical I’m-losing-weight resolutions that seems to crop up every year. In fact, if I lost any more weight, I’d probably be hospitalized. I just intend to exercise more. You know you aren’t in shape when you feel tired climbing two flights of stairs, or simply running fifty feet. I’m going to shoot low, and go for at least two times a week where I actually exercise, seeing as I walk everywhere already anyway. Also, for this resolution, Wii Sports does not count as real exercise, otherwise it would be way too easy.

3. Cut Down on Fast Food

Again, this isn’t one of those lose weight deals, but rather a concern for my health. McDonald’s is like poison. Tasty, tasty poison that I long to ingest all the time. For my organs’ sake, I should probably stop eating as much of that stuff. Plus I’m pretty sure they just raised their prices, which is just as good of a deterrent to me as the health factor.

4. Relearn How To Be Good at Music and Stuff

It’s the worst feeling in the world when you pick up an instrument and go “I used to know how to play <insert song here>” and it has become all too familiar a feeling for me. Well screw that jazz, I vow to be somewhat competent at playing my instruments again. I will try to practice at least every second day, or I suppose 4 days a week, give or take how my schedule works out with all the other junk.

Well that’s enough for now I think. Really all I want to do here is write things down so maybe I’ll remember them, and  have an incentive to do it. The real main goal is to stop wasting time. I can’t count how many times in the past few months I’ve done nothing instead of doing something productive, and I should really stop that shit.  Hopefully I will be able to succeed, and I hope anyone reading does alright in their ventures too.

Good luck,

– D


One Response to “Resolutions! (Or, How I Try To Improve My Life And Probably Fail At It)”

  1. Barb Says:

    Good luck…. I have been making resolutions every year for a long time, and most of them are the same as listed above…eat better, exercise more, just plain old be better! But, I’ve learned that you can’t always be perfect, and there is nothing wrong with having a Big Mac now and then! It’s what keeps life interesting. Plus, the disease of procrastination is hereditary I’m afraid, so you are probably screwed! (you get that from me!) I only made one resolution this year….to STOP making resolutions!! So far I’ve kept it too.

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