Howdy all! Now that Christmas is behind us, we are entering a new year very soon. Like many others, I will attempt to make some resolutions for the new year in order to change the way I do things in my life. Like many others, I will probably give up/fail at this. Therefore, I am sharing with all readers some of my resolutions, as maybe it will inspire you to make your own, or at least give me shit for not following through on mine. Plus I figured I would do more than one, therefore, I might at least be able to succeed at one of them and not feel like a total failure. Enjoy!

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There were a million ways I had thought of to start this. Even now, I wonder if I’m writing this in the funniest, or at least, most understandable format. I have been planning this blog for weeks, and yet haven’t written a single word. Until now. There really isn’t a better time for this, considering the movie release, and that’s always a good time to jump on a gravy train. But I’m not here to talk about a movie, oh no, I’m here to talk about something much more sinister.

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As far back as I can remember, I’ve always listened to albums. Not just a few songs on a CD, but the whole thing, start to finish. I find that even now, I do much the same, always listening to entire LPs, and not just picking and choosing a few songs and skipping the rest. I think this might go back to my dad, who would play Pink Floyd’s The Wall in the kitchen while preparing supper. Growing up on concept albums could really endear someone to the format.

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Blog about a Blog

August 10, 2009

Hey, just thought I’d take some time to pimp out a new deal I’ve got going called “No Holds Barred” at www.checkingfrombehind.comwhere I will be writing occasionally for them. I’ll be writing all the sports related stuff I think about, and then write about other stuff here. It’s like there’s two of me! You should be so lucky, (sarcasm).

– D

Reqiuem for a Lost Show

July 27, 2009

I sincerely believe that at every TV channel, someone is employed to follow my viewing habits, and try to kill everything I love. I know this sounds very arrogant, to assume someone would put so much effort in crushing the little enjoyment I get out television, but at times, I often wonder if it isn’t true. Below are a few of my favourite shows, which met an untimely demise that left me depressed.

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Retro Reviews!

May 11, 2009

So I’ve decided since all I’ll be doing this summer is working or watching movies/play video games that I’ll be doing some reviews on them for fun. Obviously, some of these movies/games won’t be that “retro”, but nothing is going to be new. Also, there probably won’t be many until the Stanley Cup is done with, as that eats up my time every night. Keep posted!

The Cream of the Crap

April 29, 2009

Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve updated. I apologize for the ABS (abandoned blog syndrome) and hopefully now that school is over, I might have a bit more time for writing.

Today I’d like to present a list that I’ve been inspired to make recently. There are such things as bad movies. There are also some movies so awful that they’re hilarious to watch. I’ve always thought that if you can at least garner some unintentional humour from a bad movie, then it isn’t a pure waste of your time. There’s nothing more depressing than a bad movie that just flat out sucks, and doesn’t hold the redeemable qualities of being hilarious. That’s minutes of your life being sucked away (I’m looking at you 21!). Anyway, without further ado, a list of some of my favourite good “bad” movies, in no specific order.

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