And the winner is….

March 30, 2009

Neil Young, The Band, Rush, The Tragically Hip, and….Loverboy. What do these guys all have in common? They’re all members of the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. That’s right, as of 2009, Loverboy are now members of the hall of fame. Think about that for a second. Loverboy. Now, I’m not saying I hate them, in fact, I have some of their songs on my iTunes. The problem I have is the effect this has on future inductions.

I mean, think about it. These guys were big for maybe, eight years in the 80’s, tops. Sure, they have a record amount of Junos for one year, but those are about on par with the Grammies in terms of credibility. The CMHF had been doing pretty well in their past selections. Aside from the groups above, they’ve also inducted people like Glenn Gould, Leonard Cohen, and Bob Ezrin. I mean, these are people that had long, impactful careers. Even members like Rush are still recording, having been a group for almost forty years now.

The thing I don’t like I guess is that I believe the hall of fame should be reserved for acts and people that have made a truly lasting and significant impact on the Canadian music scene, or even the music world in general. Loverboy does not fit that description. To me it’s the equivalent of someone like Poison getting an award. Though, if I’m unhappy now, I’ll probably have an aneurism when they induct Simple Plan in fifteen years.

Oh, and also, the Junos were awarded. Not that I watched that thing.